11 April 2014


i was thinking of making my latest illustration into cards and stationary , what do you think ?
read about how i did it in the next issue of moyo magazine 

26 January 2014


No matter what i draw i always end up incorporating a paisley pattern into it along the way , i can't help myself . maybe it is because of the paisley dresses my mam would buy me when or i was little or that it reminds me of the summer.

I'm planning on updating my etsy shop this week with a load of new illustrations including this one , i will keep you posted about it.

these are a few photos i uploaded to my instagram this week, showing the process of this illustration 


This is an illustration i did for MOYO magazine last year for a shopping feature on weddings

At the time i was helping my sister with designs for her wedding , so i felt really inspired when drawing this one . 

If you want to have a look through any on the issues of MOYO magazine so far click here , the're free to read 

13 May 2013


I've been a bad blogger lately and haven't posted anything new for such a long time !
this is a new illustration i've been working on this week :) inspired by the summer that should hopefully make an appearance soon !!

05 March 2013


MOYO Magazine issue 3 is out ! and free to read :)

this issue is all about fabric, icluding tips on designing, diy projects, interviews with designers and design competitions :)

my illustrations are also in there too !

click HERE to have a read 

28 February 2013

Cara Delevigne

Ive been dying to draw Cara Delevinge for a while now , 
she seems to be everywhere at the moment including the mood boards on my bedroom walls .

ive been working on this illustration for a couple of days now , inbetween working and sleeping & have really enjoyed it, it always helps when your muse is so beautiful !

who do you think i should draw next ?

Robyn xoxo

03 February 2013


ive been working on this fro a few days now and finally finished it last night .
im in love with paisley at the moment , it makes me feel like its summer even though it isnt :(